What type of dogs we groom

...and why we do not groom cats

We love all pets but unfortunately we only groom dogs, in a sense that we don’t undertake the grooming of cats. We thought that other Bay Ridge Groomers can have that peace of work as it is not very humane. Dogs are more perceptible towards grooming as they more people curious and love to get gently brushed mostly, my whomever offers.
But in the case K9’s little buddies, they are mostly very much against other people touching them and applying bussing clippers to their fur. In fact, they get very violent and it looks like it is torture for these gentle creatures. When groomers undertake this hard task to groom a cat rather than a dog, they have no other choice but to put them completely out, they have sedate them. Many people might ask - but what is wrong with that? Well it’s not a problem to put them out, but it might be a huge problem, a really big problem to bring them out of anesthesia.

In essence, this the reason why we do not think that it is a very humane idea to put pets under anesthesia. It could have serious health repercussions for your furry friends.
We also unfortunately do not have the opportunity to groom a dog that is really big, as you have to lift a dog that you’re grooming. Irene, our number one groomer in Bay Ridge works alone and doesn’t have the physical ability to lift your big size pup and groom it properly. Even though we often situations where she would really like to groom larger dogs, she really physically can’t accomplish this task.

After a few attempts to groom larger pups failed, we decided not to try anymore and just apologetically refuse to groom larger pups. There are after all other groomers in Bay Ridge who could comply with he demands of a larger dog grooming session, unfortunately, for the reasons stated above, we tend to bypass these opportunities and keep to out regular expert grooming sessions - grooming medium, smalls and extra small dogs.
Take a look at out full portfolio to see just how great these pups look groomed and brushed. Finally, we would like to encourage people to stay away from grooming felines. This is not ok. These animals do not like getting groomed and nor do they need to be. Dogs on the other hand, mostly like the grooming procedures and require grooming procedures greatly. Even if it is not for the aesthetic appeal, your pup needs a nail trim - otherwise it hurts them to run when their nails get too big and we do not want them to suffer right?
We are conveniently located at the intersection of 86th street and Fort Hamilton Parkway should you look our way for all your grooming needs for your precious pups. Please give us a call to discuss your grooming needs as we can custom fit out grooming procedure to fit exactly what you re looking for in a groomer near you.

Call 917-476-9876 for an appointment.

Thanks for reading!