The Right Groomer

How to chose the right dog groomer for your pup?

Иллюстрация There is one thing that is for sure, a dog groomer in Bay Ridge is not hard to find, but what is hard to find is a dog grooming service in Bay Ridge that you will like.
That’s not to say that people do not have the right to be picky when it comes to their besties, their pups that always keep them warm at night. ИллюстрацияBut, it is to say that people have a right to chose and when it comes to a dog groomer - you must chose what makes you comfortable. The first criteria that you should look for when choosing a dog groomer in Bay Ridge is whether or not you like the person who will be taking care of your wonderful lovable pup.

ANow, remember that your dog is used the type of treatment that you are providing towards it. It will be comfortable with other people, but the further away the other people’s behavior is from your, the bigger distance your do will keep from that person - remember that.
Иллюстрация And, what exactly does that mean? It means that you must try your hardest to find a groomer that you will treat your do the same way you do. And, I know what you’re thinking - well how hard is it to be nice to such a lovable darling of a dog as yours - not so fast! For most groomers, grooming a job were there isn’t that much emotion involved and they go through dogs as a conveyor belt.

Being a truly professional dog groomer is not only related to being good a cutting your dog hair, it is also about your bedside manners to a pup. A professional groomer will make you dog feel at home 100%.
Иллюстрация Your dog us used to be treated the way you treat it and you owe it to your dog to find someone who will treat it for the time while at the groomer’s, they way you treat your dog at home.
If you feel like you have no luck in doing so yet, you can give us a call, bring your pup over and observe how we make really good friends.

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