We take Grooming Seriously

How we do grooming

Иллюстрация We take grooming very seriously. You dog, after all, should experience the best type of grooming available. Grooming is an experience for your pup and we understand that it must be meticulously done.
Why might you ask, we take your dog’s experience at the groomer’s so seriously? Well, the answer is quite simple. If your dog will not enjoy its time at the groomers, it will not want to go back. And, if it will not want to go back, we will start losing our grooming public. We will start losing clientele. And where will that lead us? ИллюстрацияIn essence, we try out best for your pup to like what we do. We take out time with them. If for example, you pup does not want to cooperate while getting groomed, we will never force them to do anything, because contrary of what people think, dogs have a pretty good memory and they will remember when they where mistreated.

Dog Fact: As a matter of fact, many people are not aware that dogs are able to count to ten. That’s why, when you take one of your pup’s toys away, it will look for it if the general amount of its toys are less then ten. Pretty amazing huh?
Иллюстрация We will allow your pup to get settled and found itself aware of its surroundings. Dogs are very sensitive to smells, so we do our best to air out our place before you get there. We want you pup to be relaxed as they’re getting pampered. After all, you take them there not only to look pretty, but to enjoy getting scratched and brushed.

As dogs are very sensitive to sound, we put on some relaxing music that we found pups enjoy. Yes, there is music that dogs enjoy, just like videos we have all seen the react to in a very funny way on Youtube.
Иллюстрация We never just jump on the dog and get going with the clippers. It is an approach that will get your dog’s trust. Before getting to the actual grooming itself, we allow the dog to get familiar with the groomer, get accustomed to the scent and reach out to it’s nose, for the to get a good whiff of the hand that is about to groom it. It’s what dogs do with each other by the way, before playing with another pup, the go nose to nose and sometimes nose to other places before accepting another dog.
Only after your pup is accustomed to it’s environment and the groomer who is about to make it look awesome, it is safe to try to get to the grooming part itself.

If you want to give your pup the royal treatment and be sure that it is safe and sound while at it, give our expert groomer a call:1-917-476-9876 for an appointment.

Thanks for reading!