The sure ways to keep your dog safe while at the groomer's

Safety is very important to us

Иллюстрация Safety is always an issue when you are planning to visit the groomer’s. Many people worry about their pups when going to get their coats and nails done and sometimes rightfully so. Here, we are going to talk about the most popular dangers that effect dogs while at the groomer’s and find out how you, as the dog owner can protect yourself from mistreatment of your baby doggie.
First and foremost, any dog can get hurt by another dog. Dogs after all are animals with animalistic instincts that can get aggressive with each other. Well, that’s no news for most dog owners, only when you are together with your pup, you have the opportunity to control where they go, but while away, there is not telling what may happen - right? Well, let’s take a look at ways you may avoid this risk.ИллюстрацияWhen you bring your pup to us, we guarantee that there will be no aggression from other animals because there are no other animals there. When you come to our dog grooming home service, we assure you that there are no other dogs there. It’s that simple - no other dogs there, not risk of your pup getting hurt in any way.

We try our best to give enough leeway between appointments, that our furry friends do not intersect. This type of dog grooming services in Bay Ridge are rare. There is no other groomer in Bay Ridge who offers this in a shop.
Иллюстрация Next, dogs can hurt themselves while trying to get out of an unfavorable situation - like cages. There are many dogs that hate cages and continue to try to chew their way out of a metal cage not knowing that they cannot possible achieve this. Cages are metal while teeth are not. This is a sure way that your pup may get hurt.

We deal with this risk the following way - we do not have any cages at our grooming place. While there are other groomers in Bay Ridge, there are not many who offer no cage policy. No cages, no ways of you dog to turn themselves.
Иллюстрация Finally, there is a risk of mistreatment from the groomers themselves. Well, as always there is fail proof way of avoiding this risk - just ask your groomer to give you a number to call, preferably in Bay Ridge, locally, who regularly takes their pup to them. A recommendation is a good way to avoid taking your pup to the wrong kind of person.
Irene - your neighborhood Bay Ridge groomer will be happy to advise you on the safety of your pup while at the groomer’s, just place a call and find out if this is the right groomer for you.

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