Introducing yourself to a new dog...

...the thigs you should and shouldn't do

Иллюстрация Many people have questions about how would a dog groomer deal with a pup that is not will to cooperate while at the dog groomer’s. Well, we at Bay Ridge Dog Groomer’s think that it is all about the approach - yes! pups require a special approach just a any person would.
And why not? Dogs are very emotional beings, they need a special approach the same if even not more then people do. ИллюстрацияSo, what do we mean when we say a «special approach» when talking about dealing with dogs at the dog groomer’s? It is the dog groomer’s behavior and environment that matter more than anything else.

First a foremost, a groomer needs to demonstrate the right approach of a stranger who is trying to make good with a dog. To do this, one needs to understand that basics of dog physiology, one needs to understand how dos perceive other beings. Basically, a dog sees a person, to a dog groomer just like any other being and to understand what must be the approach to an unfamiliar pup, a groomer must observe how dogs behave with one another.
Иллюстрация Go to the dog park and take a look at how dog that have never met each other, start interacting. Their behavior is very interesting and entertaining to say the least.Firstly. they come towards each other and just as the get close the decelerate as the last foot or so is covered very slowly as their noses meet int he middle just close enough to get a good whiff of each other.

Any human, including dog groomers in Bay Ridge should follow the same pattern. But please, do not approach a dog with your nose - this can be dangerous. Instead of introducing yourself by getting close to a dog with your face, let the pup know that you are a friendly by closing your hand into a fist and then at the dog’s eye level, bring it closer to you dog’s nose. Do this slowly, effortlessly, like you observe dogs do it at the park. You must allow the dog to sniff you hand like they would another dog’s nose.
Иллюстрация Please never, never-ever try to pet an unfamiliar dog on for the first time with an open hand when you meet the pup. Regardless of where you plan to pet the dog, on its head or the back, it could turn out devastating for you. Normally, dogs don’t extend their limbs to touch each other, but they do do is bite each other in aggression. The point is that your hand, the way it is designed, the way it closes and opens, reminds dogs of an opening closing jaw rather than anything else. It can easily be misconstrued for an aggressive snapping muzzle.
We hope this helps you to make new friends with a pup you have never met before and please remember, the best dog groomers care about how your dog feels while at the dog groomer’s. We at Bay Ridge Groomer take great care, so that your dog feels its best. If you are looking a the best dog groomer in Bay Ridge, you have come to the right place.

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