Allergic dogs and our approach

We use 100% natural, non-allergic shampoos and conditioners

Иллюстрация If you are a dog owner who has a Yorkie - a small dog breed owner who understands the possible skin problems that a pup may have, you will most certainly appreciate the fact that we, at Bay Ridge Groomer, use only hyper-allergic or non-allergic shampoos and conditioners to groom your bestie.
We understand how much some dogs breeds can suffer from skin allergies. ИллюстрацияIf you take a dog breed like French Bull Dog - this breed is one of the most allergic breeds that you may ever come across, you will understand that a dog like this must have its grooming done with special, non-allergic shampoo.

This information is a must to know if you are soon-to-become dog owner of a breed that is considered allergic. As you will most definitely visit a groomer, we highly recommend you to inquire at your groomer’s about what shampoo they are using to groom your dog.
Иллюстрация It is inconceivable how many times dog owners came to regret not asking their groomer about the washing agents that they use to groom dogs. There is another reason that we use a non-allergic washing agent during grooming at Bay Ridge Groomer.

As you can imagine, dogs have a much more hightened sense of smell, if compared to humans. Odors that non-allergic all natural shampoos leave are very subtle and are literally uncomparable to the scent left by a non-natural shampoo.
Иллюстрация Dogs are not fans of strong scents, it is even safe to say that it may hurt them at times.
You can be sure that we use the types of shampoos and conditioners to groom and tailor to your dog, so that your pup enjoys his visit to the one and only Bay Ridge groomer. Please feel free to contact us at the number provided below, even if it is for a free consultation regarding grooming methods and approaches. We will be happy to share everything we know with you, just as long as your pup is safe and healthy and of course beautiful after a visit to Bay Ridge groomer.

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