Grooming is very important for you dog

...this is why they absolutely need grooming

Иллюстрация It seems to us that a lot of people seem to think that grooming a dog has an exclusively aesthetic purpose. But no, there are many useful and healthy advantages to be gained by regularly taking your dog to the groomer’s.
Even if you move to another area, you should do your best to find a proper groomer for your pup as soon as you can. There are many groomers in Bay Ridge to chose from, but of course there’s only one who will treat your pups the way they are suppose to be treated and that’s Irene at ИллюстрацияLet’s get down to the most important factors that dictate that regular dog grooming sessions are a must for almost all breeds and types of dogs. And although we specialize in dog grooming in Bay Ridge Brooklyn and attend only to medium, small and extra-small breeds, we will gladly give you some pointers that you can take to the bank no matter where you live and what breed of dog do you own.

All dogs, no matter the breed or size have nails. Technically they are claws, but we will call them nails for our purposes. The most important factor to be considered here is that they are naturally curvy. That’s why by the way, we should technically call the claws and not nails. All dogs have nails that curve downwards. If you think of the the way you pup stand up and mentally extend nails from its paws, you’ll understand that as soon as the claws come out of the paw, they curve down into the ground.
Иллюстрация Your dogs walk on pavement and hard floors, and when they take steps and extend they paws back, you can imagine how much the claws are affected by the hard floors. To release the pressure that is made by the nails digging into the ground, the nails should be inserted into he ground thereby making it easier on the flex, but no, pavement and hardwood floors that you have in your house, prevent the dog from inserting its nails. The hard floor surfaces do not give way and your pup will consequently feel pain when the nails get long enough.

Yes, all dogs feel and a significant level of pain when their nails are longer than a certain length. The function that your groomer can undertake in this case is to trim the nails to the right length. Correct length of your dog’s claws is an important factor. In fact, if you trim them to short, you are risking of hitting the flesh located inside your dog’s claw. You may rest assured that if you do this, it will be very painful for you pup. If you do not know what you redoing in the department, it is best to leave this work for you groomer.
Иллюстрация Your dog’s coat is another very important factor that should be handled by a professional. Dog coats, if left untreated for a while may cause significant mayhem for your pup. Especially the breeds that have hair instead of fur. As you may imagine, as hair grows out and is left untreated - not combed or treated, your pup’s hair will get intertwined and group into flocks of hair that is then impossible to untangle. The only feasible think to be done when it get caught into a bunch is to trim the length of the hair above the knot that tangled the flock.
In any case, your dog is an emotional, live being that needs to be taken care emotionally as we all physically. Many people know of the basic needs that animals have, but it would be oh so wrong to ignore their need for some TLC. Please see to it that your pup is in good shape by taking him to the groomer regularly.

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