What must a dog owner understand...

when at a new dog groomer for the first time

Иллюстрация Dogs are emotional creatures, everybody understands this. You can see emotions in everything that a dog does. Just think how your dog greets you as you come home? Does your dog greet other people this way?
Of course not, your dog cares who it is entering the house and as matter of fact if the person entering your house is unknown to your pup, it very possible that that person can find a handful dealing with an aggressive dog. ИллюстрацияHappy, aggressive - these are all emotions that any dog demonstrates to its environment, but wether a dog is nice to you or naughty, depends on the person in contact with your dog. Let’s entertain a situation with the dog groomer. Dog groomers in Bay Ridge and other parts of Brooklyn usually develop a clientele, but it is wrong to think that the client is the dog’s owner, it’s not - the client is the dog.

As we saw earlier, it matters to a dog who is in contact with it. As the dog develops a relationship with a person, the dog becomes nicer and more relaxed. Aggression and tension go away. Now, we can project this on to a dog groomer’s place. Let’s say that a dog goes to the same dog groomer for years, you would be correct to think that there is a real relationship that is developed between your dog and the dog groomer.
Иллюстрация Dog groomers are suppose to be people with extra rights towards your pup. It is easy ti understand why. A groomer must spend over an hour sometimes two or three hours washing, scratching, brushing and cutting the hair of your dog. A dog must develop trust for the person who is doing this to it.

A dog will not feel relaxed and willing to be groomed while at a new groomer’s for the first time. Well, because the person is very new to your pup and it is not up to a dog to be very friendly to people that it doesn’t know. And this is ok! It is ok when your pup feels uncomfortable while at a new dog groomer for the first time.
Иллюстрация When we get a new pup in for the first time at our dog grooming place in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, we try to give the pup enough time to get adjusted and relax. We as dog groomers use music to calm you pups down and make relaxed. A relaxed dog is more friendly and outgoing towards other people and that’s what we want to see when a new client comes in to out Bay Ridge dog grooming place.
So, sorry dog owners, for us at Bayridgegroomer.com, the real client is your dog and not you :-) We will try our hardest to satisfy the most picky client and give them time to relax and enjoy their grooming session at out Bay Ridge dog grooming place.

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