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How we do grooming

Иллюстрация Grooming dogs is not an easy job, if you don’t know what you are doing. It took many years to come up with a plan on how to make dogs relax and have a good time while getting that look that everybody adores.
Firstly, most dogs like getting groomed as the groomer brushes their coat, dogs tend to get in that running-man mode. They start to Иллюстрацияinvoluntarily move paws, flip on their sides and open up their belly. It is clear where the problem is, a groomer needs to get to their coats, but all they’re offering is the bellies. As everybody knows how much dogs love to get scratched, it is no surprise that they act this way.

Also, some dogs tend to get defensive as limited experience at the groomer’s, really reflects the dog’s behavior. Some dogs just don’t have that exposure at a place with lots of buzzing tools and an unfamiliar person touching, washing, cutting and brushing their coats.
Иллюстрация Our personal way of getting around this was developing environmental solutions that would make pups relax and have a good time. The first and foremost important factor in making pups nervous are cages. Cages restrict potential movement and dogs understand this. Even if the pup isn’t even thinking about going anywhere, the fact that they really can’t, provokes them to be cranky.

Next, we understood that doggies are very sensitive to noise. In fact, everybody knows that pups are famous for their keen hearing and they tend to be much more perceptive when it comes to the type of sound and the volume of sound that surrounds them. We carefully selected an audio playlist that makes pups relax, while getting groomed - we can guarantee that there is nobody in Bay Ridge that went that far out of their way to make your pup that comfortable while getting groomed.
Иллюстрация Finally, we let your best friends take their time. If you are not up to showing your beautiful face right now, - don’t. Take it easy for a while and I’ll get back to you in like five minutes or so. We do not force pups to be groomed. They’re just like children, if you show them patience and give them love, they will return they favor with their outmost attention and willingness to get groomed and pampered.
Either way, you should be 100% sure, that you pup, regardless of their size, shape or breed, will get the best approach possible while spending a wonderful afternoon at the groomer’s, with their favorite groomer - Irene.

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